Officers – Roles and Responsibilities

The President shall preside at any official meeting of the “Association” and shall coordinate the work of the officers and committees to ensure that the objectives and policies of the “Association” are maintained and promoted.
Leader of the Pack: The actual role of the president is to make certain that all business of the chapter is accomplished. He/she should follow up with other officers to ensure they are able to accomplish their duties.  If not, the president will assist in making certain someone is available to accomplish these responsibilities.
Business Meeting, Officers Meeting & Agenda: The President is responsible for choosing the meeting dates and organizing the meeting locations (at local hospitals, conference centers, or restaurants).  The location details should be shared with the Secretary.  NANN requires that the officers hold a closed meeting at least once a quarter.  This can be accomplished face-to-face or with a conference call.  The President is responsible for creating the agenda for the upcoming meeting with input from the other officers.  The president should also receive reports from the various committees and assist as needed to meet their goals.
NANN Annual Report: There is a year-end report that NANN sends to the chapter president.  He/she is expected to complete this or assign it to another officer. It is usually due around March each year.
NANN’s Annual Education Conference: There are several events and opportunities for our chapter to participate in the NANN annual conference.  The President can organize and/or delegate other members to participate in the following:

o We can have a display table to showcase our chapter activities.

o We can donate a basket to the Annual Silent Auction that benefits March of Dimes.

o The President can represent the chapter at the Annual Chapter’s Luncheon and RSVP to NANN who else will be attending this meeting.

The President-elect shall preside at the meetings in the absence of the President.  The President-Elect will serve as the chair of the education committee and maintain continuing education files and records.  The President-elect shall succeed to the Presidency upon completion of the term as President-Elect or upon vacancy of the office of the President.

Education Activities of the Chapter: The president-elect is the chair of the education committee.  As such, he/she is responsible to arrange a speaker for each meeting.  The speaker may be secured by the president-elect or the meeting host/hostess will arrange to have a local speaker.  The president-elect should communicate with the CE provider to ensure all requirements are met.  Education at the meetings: The speaker may be secured by the president-elect or the meeting host/hostess will arrange to have a local speaker.  o CoCANN does not currently have their own CE provider number so the files are maintained by the provider and do not need to be maintained by the chapter.

Business Meetings: While all officers are expected to attend all meetings, circumstances will sometimes make this impossible.  In that case, if the president cannot attend the meeting the president-elect will then preside over the meeting.  In general, there should be close communication between these two officers, particularly since the president is also training the president elect to take over the following year.
Communication: Meeting notices are sent out by the secretary but the president-elect should communicate all necessary information to the secretary for this purpose.

Annual Conference: As chair of the education committee, the president-elect coordinates the planning of the annual conference or any other conferences that the chapter may organize.  The President-Elect will create a conference planning committee for these events to accomplish the individual tasks of the planning the conference.

o Tasks include: speaker contact, obtaining CV and handouts from the speakers, designing and distributing the conference brochure and assisting on the day of the conference, the president-elect coordinates this and ensures there are staff to cover these functions.

o In addition, vendor support and participation in the conference are important and aid in keeping conference costs to the chapter low.  The education committee assists in securing the vendor support before the conference as well as communication and organization of the vendors on the day of the conference.

The secretary shall record the minutes of the business meeting and shall conduct official correspondence of the “Association.”  The secretary shall be responsible for keeping membership records and providing communication related to renewal.  The secretary will coordinate updates to the website.
As stated in the bylaws, the secretary takes minutes at both the business meetings as well as general chapter meetings.  The minutes should be distributed to the meeting attendees or general membership, as applicable, within 7 days of the meeting.
Communication with members: While all officers and committees can and do communicate with the membership, it is the primary responsibility of the secretary to do this.  The majority of this communication happens by e-mail or via the website. She/he also communicates with the web host for any updates to the website and Facebook page.  This includes meeting notices, notices of chapter conferences, social events and any other events offered by the chapter.  Meeting notices should be distributed to the membership as soon as possible, but at least 45 days before the meeting and frequent reminders and follow up messages are helpful every few weeks.
Website: Currently the chapter has a website hostess who maintains information on the website.  However, it is the responsibility of the secretary to communicate appropriate information to the website hostess to be posted and ensure the website has the most current information.
Newsletter: Coordinate with the newsletter editor and ensure a timely publication.
Membership: It is the responsibility of the secretary to maintain the membership list. This includes maintaining current e-mail, phone and mailing contact information.  As of 2013 NANN collects our membership dues and passes them along to CoCANN.

The treasurer shall be responsible for collection and disbursement of “Association” funds and to present a statement of financial condition at least quarterly in general business meetings.
Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer will prepare and present a financial summary at each business meeting.  This will include current banking balance, recent income and expenses.
Annual Budget: The Treasurer will propose an Annual Budget and present this to the membership at the first business meeting of each year.  This can be created collaboratively with the outgoing officers.
Banking: The treasurer and president have the ability to sign checks or make charges on behalf of the chapter.  When new officers are elected to these positions, a trip to the bank is required to complete and file new signature cards at our bank. We have set up on-line with a PayPal account so deposits can easily be made electronically.  Trips to the financial institution need not be frequent.
NANN Annual Report: NANN has specific reporting requirements regarding financial statements of the chapter.  This is included in the year end report the president is responsible to file.
Taxes & Donations: The treasurer is responsible to file a tax form annually.  The treasurer is responsible to keep records of any fundraising and donations to other charitable organizations.  In addition, if the chapter has a collection of material items for charity, the treasurer is responsible to coordinate this and either handle the collection or ensure a member is responsible for this.
Membership: The Secretary will manage the member contact information while the Treasurer is responsible to account for the receipt of the dues and deposit in our bank account.

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